What CPR or First Aid certification do need?



For medical-related School or Work, you will need American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers. Other brands will likely NOT be accepted by your school or employer.

NOTICE: Some local colleges are allowing new students to choose between Red Cross BLS or AHA BLS. Please be aware that Red Cross BLS will probably NOT be adequate for your outside clinical rotations. This may cause you to have to take BLS twice at your own expense. Therefore, we recommend that you take AHA BLS and not Red Cross for Healthcare educational needs.


If you are required to have CPR for non-medical employment or school, the requirements are less stringent. Basically, any in-person CPR class with an instructor will work.


Pediatric CPR and First Aid


Pennsylvania Daycare workers, Foster Parents, or anyone with a State mandate to obtain certification for working with children: You must obtain training that specifically designates "Pediatric" on the certificate. BLS will not meet this requirement. In that case, you need Pediatric CPR and possibly First Aid, If your agency specifically States that you need BLS, then it will suffice but be aware that there is NO FIRST AID component to BLS. You must take First Aid in addition to BLS.

First Aid


The requirements for First-Aid training are less stringent. Generally, any in-person training is adequate.  The specific brand is not important but should follow international guidelines. Such brands include, Red Cross, ECSI and AHA.


Lancaster CPR is an authorized Training Site for the following brands:

  • American Heart Association

  • ECSI

  • Red Cross