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American Heart Association Basic Life Support For Healthcare Providers (BLS) $85.00. 

This class is CPR for Healthcare providers, medical students coaches, personal trainers and others. If you need CPR for medical related school or work, this is what you need. This course covers standard CPR plus the use of emergency medical equipment and two-rescuer care. We offer this for first-time students and as Renewal for those who have previously taken it and are maintaining their certification. 


This class applies to:

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences, Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster Career and Technology Center all require this training for employees and students. Generally, all Healthcare Schools and employers will accept this. 

Booking Options: 

Click here for BLS Renewal.

Click Here for BLS Initial.


American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) $265.00 Optional Book may be obtained from AHA directly.

This training includes basic cardiac rhythm recognition, medications and basic airway support.

Students who also need Basic Life Support (BLS) can schedule their BLS class the same day as ACLS at a discounted rate. To book combined classes email us for a custom invoice.

Students will learn using cardiac simulators and will receive hands-on experience with the application of airway devices.

You must complete this online pre-course work before class.

Register below for either new or renewal. 

We run ACLS Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 PM. Click Here to Register


American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support. (PALS) $265.00 Book may be obtained from AHA directly.

Pediatric Advanced Life Support includes cardiac rhythm recognition, airway management and medications.Students will learn from cardiac simulators and hands-on airway placement sessions.

You must complete this online pre-coursework before class.

Register below for either new or renewal.

We run PALS Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 PM. Click Here to register

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